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Forms / Worksheets


The PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Excel worksheet requires Microsoft Excel or Open Office Scalc.



           Our Brochure - A PDF file

           Menu Goals, Traps, Do's & Don'ts - PDF file

           Market Analysis - PDF file, from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Business Outreach

           Evaluate Your Restaurant - PDF file

           Food Cost % vs Gross Margin - PDF file

           The Psycology of Menu Design, an article from the NRA - PDF file.

Some of these are a bit out of date but still apply



   •   Menu Item Costing Worksheet/Template: Figure the food cost and gross profit for your menu items

   •   $ Sales increase- Excel work sheet - See the effect of a menu price increase on your sales
       How many days does it take to recover the cost of a new menu

   •   $ or Dollars: Effects of Menu -price Formats on Restaurant Checks - link to a Cornell University report

   •   Using Your Pay System to Improve Employees' Performance: How You Pay Makes a Difference - link to a Cornell
       University report




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