Why does your restaurant menu design make a difference?

ANSWER: Your menu is your primary means of marketing. As such, the job of a menu is to sell the items you want to sell and, in many respects, the menu is in control of your potential profits. It also says exactly who you are and conveys your personality to your guests. The menu helps set your stage. In addition, it must convey your restaurant's brand in a manner that makes diners excited to be there, want to come back and recommend you to family and friends. Whether a classic menu or theme menu, a menu must be formal enough to fit the restaurant yet casual enough to put your guests at ease.


We specialize in restaurant menu design, engineering, layout and printing. We can produce menus in most any format, laminated, coil bound, disposable, or for use with covers. Most menu design companies need a large run to make the menus cost effective for the operator. Not so with us; we do small jobs of 60 to 125 menus on a regular basis, our specialty, we can also do thousands of menus when needed.


On small print runs we use only state-of-the-art digital presses, no ink jets. Why should you care? If one of our menu sheets becomes damp, you will not have ink smear on one or several pages– GUARANTEED.


How many menus do I need?

ANSWER: What is your seating capacity? You need to have, in service, a minimum of one menu for every two guests that you can seat. When you change your menu you should start out with two menus for every three guests; if you seat 105 you should start out with 69 menus. This will give you a backup of 16 menus on the shelf and you can replace the ones that go home with guests, employees and your competition, wind up in the office and break room or become unusable.


How often should I change my menu?

ANSWER: If you want to stay on top of current trends and maintain profitability you should update every six months. Once a year at the minimum - ask us about our update program!


Laminated menu or menu covers?

ANSWER: This is somewhat of a loaded question. There are many variables to be considered. If you change your menus on a regular basis utilizing menu covers could save you a chunk of change. The covers, with care, can last 18-24 months. If your guests and or staff are hard on the covers, laminated may be best. Laminated menus are much easier to keep clean and sanitary, the pictures and colors jump off the page. Laminated, coil bound menus offer the best of both worlds. We can help you make an informed decision.


Why should we have our menus designed by MenuTek?

ANSWER: A professionally designed menu will save you time and money, increase your profitability, project the image needed to compete with the ever present chains and compliment your restaurant.


We have been designing restaurant menus for over 18 years and have been where you are, over 40 years in restaurant management. We know the industry inside out.


How long does it take to get my menus?

ANSWER: We can have a set of menus to you in 2-3 weeks depending on the type and format of the menu; laminated, covers, coil bound, etc. and how fast you can return proofs to us.


My menus need to be updated, how long will that take?

ANSWER: Updating a menu that we have produced takes priority; we can have your new menus on the way to you in as little as 2 days.


My costs are too high, can you help?

ANSWER: When doing your menu we will ask for as much information as you can provide; a copy of your current menu, food cost percentages, item sales reports for the last six months, etc. We use this information to engineer your menu to produce higher profits and lower costs. This is very much a team effort, your input is vital.


How much will my new menus cost?

ANSWER: There are so many options, sizes & styles that listing costs for every combination would be a very large and confusing page. We are happy to talk to you about your specific wishes and needs, then provide you with a written quote.


We can also work with your primary vendors to identify the items you are purchasing that may have a menu mention program. The manufacturer pays you to list their product(s) that you are using. You may be able to cover the entire cost of the menu, certainly a percentage of the cost if you choose to utilize this program.

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