Some things to consider when designing a restaurant menu:


A. Your menu design must not be just a list of items with prices. Your menu's job is to sell the items YOU want to sell.


B. We Eat with our eyes first. A menu designed with a few well done pictures will increase the sales of those items by a huge percentage.


C. Bringing attention to your specialties, those high profit, easy for the kitchen to produce, will also increase sales of those items.


D. Your menu design should include descriptions of the items in a clear, appetizing manor without being too wordy.


E. Two menus for every three seats will generally be more than enough, even at the busiest times.


F. To keep you profitable and current you should adjust your items/pricing every six months.


G. You wouldn't have a bus person work as a server or a disher work as your Chef, why would you ask someone other than a qualified menu engineer & designer take care of your menu?


H. Last, but not least, a clean, good looking well designed menu will sell. A tattered, old, worn out menu will detract from sales and raise questions about the care you give to food quality and preparation.



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