Designing and engineering your custom menu does not have to be difficult or expensive. Let us help you make the experience an easy and effective one


Our typical restaurant menu engineering & design work flow:

1.   We talk to you about your restaurant in general; location, style, theme, meal periods of operation, price points, type of service, etc.

2.   We would like a few pictures of the interior and exterior.

3.   What do you like and dislike about your current menu?

4.   How are sales and costs? Are you having a cost problem in several areas? If so, what areas?

5.   Start the engineering process by asking for as much information as you can give us, item sales reports, current item food costs, what items you think you should be selling more of, what items you think you would like to reduce or eliminate sales of and why, etc.

6.   Select the menu presentation and format style (covers, laminated, coil bound, etc) that will best work for you and the restaurant.

7.   We will do a menu design concept page, ask you for your input to be sure we are all on the same track, this also serves as a starting point. We will make any and all changes needed to capture the essence of the restaurant and your vision. We don't limit the changes or proofs!

8.   Provide proofs as we go, via private website, and hard copy, full color proofs prior to production.

9..  A menu that has not been engineered to maximize profitability is a waste of your $$.


Menu Engineering -

Almost every penny of profit that is driven to the bottom line starts as revenue from someone ordering a menu item.  Prices and popularity of your menu items determine how much of this revenue makes it to the bottom line, and how much is absorbed by operating costs.  Compare which items have the best profit margin (menu price - food cost), as well as which items have the best contribution profit (profit margin X number of items sold).  Using this information, you can determine which items you may want to consider removing from the menu, which items you should position in prime spots to increase sales, and which items need some thought regarding how to make them more profitable and/or more popular.


Simply put, menu engineering is the art and sience of designing your menu to sell those items you want to sell. To determine which items you really want to sell, (high profit/popular) see How To Analyze Your Menu on our resource library page.


You could be amazed at the impact on your food cost, sales & profitability of adding a few pictures of those popular, high profit, easy to prepare items to your menu. The sales of those items that you have pictured, whether on the menu, large show cards or table toppers will take a dramatic jump, taking sales away from the less profitable, more costly items. There is no substitute for a well designed & engineered restaurant menu.


Don't want to do pictures? Placement on the menu along with colored type, a box around the item or your logo next to an item will help your guest’s eyes to find what you want them to find, again it's the design & engineering of the menu.


A well designed & engineered restaurant menu will pay for it self in a few weeks and put dollars in the bank all year long.



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