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Kitchen Operations, Food Cost, Purchasing, & Menu Driven Profitability


Our forty years in the food service industry makes us uniquely qualified to assist you with your operational problems.


We spend several hours in your restaurant shadowing your servers, cooks, prep people and management to experience how your restaurant operates firsthand. This firsthand knowledge proves to be a very valuable asset as we analyze what is going wrong and the best approach to cure the problem(s).


Most operational profit problems revolve around food cost and kitchen production problems such as; inconsistent quality, inconsistent flavor profile, prep methods, plate presentations, portion control and ticket times. Any of these will have a negative impact on your profitability, but with two or more of these problems at the same time, profits can be devastated. We cover all aspects of kitchen operations; purchasing, inventory control, prep, cooks line production, etc. All This takes time, many conversations with various staff & management personnel and quite possibly with several of your key vendors. Our goal is to put a program in place that will provide higher gross profit and lower costs, consistent quality menu items, plate presentations & better ticket times. Reaching this goal will make for happy guests, happy service staff and happy management.


Once we have the above well under way we tackle the menu. A complete review of every menu item profitability and sales, we then engineer a new menu, removing slow selling, low profit items and adding new, high profit items to maximize your profits. Like any change or new program, on going supervision is a must to keep everyone on track. To make this all come together we will need access to the raw data; invoices, item sales numbers, item sales $, P&L statements to the department net profit point (includes: food cost, labor cost, non food ingredient cost & fringe benefits cost for hourly employees).


Experience: Learned the industry from the bottom up. Bus Boy, Dishwasher, Line Cook, Kitchen Manager, Asst. Manager, General Manager, Training Manager. The last 20+ years in the food service industry was spent primarily on kitchen operations; negotiating purchasing contracts, inventory control, quality control, cooks line production, plate presentation, menu R&D, menu item & recipe creation and menu design and engineering for a small family owned chain. Not to take anything away from dining room operations, but I always felt that the kitchen is the heart of the operation and the menu is the muscle. If the kitchen can't produce high quality, consistent meals in a timely manor day after day or the menu isn't doing it's job of selling the high profit items, the operation is in serious trouble, shrinking gross sales and even faster shrinking of profits, your life blood.


What ever you do don't fall in to this quick sand trap; Sales are slipping, costs are rising and you or your chef start lowering quality and or portion standards in an effort to reduce costs. In the vast majority of cases your guests will pick-up on the lower quality and the subtle change in flavor/texture. If the trend continues your guest frequency drops, sales drop, costs continue to rise and profits shrink. The mind set of reducing standards in an effort to reduce costs sets up a cycle that won't have a good long term outcome.


If you need help in any of these areas please feel free to give us a call, we can go over your particular situation and devise a program to fit your needs. (888)-50-MENUS (506-3687) Thank you.

Specializing in Independent and Small Chain Operators


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