The owners of MenuTek have been involved in the restaurant business since 1964 and have been designing menus and marketing materials for restaurants professionally since 1998. MenuTek is an operating division of MKE Creative Enterprises, Inc., family owned and operated, located in Sacramento, California. We are a full-service marketing group specializing in the design and production of restaurant menus and point of sale materials. Our goal is to provide independent operators with the same high quality, full color menus the national chains use, at an affordable cost. By engineering your menu to maximize profitability, we can have a profound impact on food costs and increase the average sale per cover.


Your menu is not simply a list of items for sale. Your menu is your most important marketing tool and must be carefully designed to sell those high-profit items you want to sell while keeping those expensive and labor intensive items available, yet in the background. Menu design psychology has been found to be an extremely valuable tool and MenuTek has a proven track record of utilizing this tool effectively.


MenuTek services come with over 40 years of restaurant management experience to assist your restaurant to be more successful and to maximize profitability through knowledgeable menu design and layout. When we begin a new project we will take all the time necessary speaking with you and/or your management team to learn as much about your operation as we possibly can, learning what your niche is, who your customers are, items you want to sell, current top selling items, etc., the list goes on and on. The better MenuTek understands your concept, the better your long term results will be.


From a small mom & pop operation using laminated menus to a large white tablecloth dinner house with custom covers, you will find MenuTek’s service effective, professional and cost effective.


We look forward to working with you to create a menu that will enhance your operation and your profits.


Restaurant Buying Group of California
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